Who We Are:

The Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department has teamed up with CREATE Athens (a division of Envision Athens) and so many other local organizations to bring you the “Athens Creatives Directory.”

What the Athens Creatives Directory Does:

The Athens Creatives Directory (ACD) is a sleek and efficient hub of Athens creatives that has been developed to promote the local creative economy. ACD works by encouraging creatives to submit listings of their work that will then be published for public viewing. Then, visitors and patrons can explore this community resource and interact with as many artists as possible.

Can I share my work on ACD?

Of course! If you are a creative of any type in Athens, we strongly encourage you to submit a listing. ACD loves to have all kinds of artists focusing on anything from music production to acting to even clowning. We have included categories for everyone!

How Can I get my own listing?

  1.  Create an account (button in top right-hand corner)

  2. Second, navigate to ‘Add Listing’. Here you can put in all of the details about your creative work!

  3. Third, receive approval and get posted! All new artist pages are vetted by the ACD team to make sure everything is looking good. Once your listing is posted, people can find you on our website!