Bilbo Books Publishing is a local book publishing company in Athens, Georgia. They aim to help individuals write, design and publish their books. They also put on writing workshops and author readings. Their philosophy is to “Personalize the Process,” meaning they aim to create a tight-knit relationship with each author they help. The Bilbo Books team comprises of two individuals, Bowen Craig and William Bray, who are the two cofounders and coeditors of Bilbo Books. You can find more information at

Below you will find a list of authors and their books they have published with Bilbo Books:

SARAH “TWEET” MOORE: The Moore Themerrier

“I loved it! Though written for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, this book is a ‘Tweet’ journey that can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to learn more about life in the Twentieth Century. Full of humor, wisdom, and history, it is a true keepsake that preserves the essence and stories of a time of transition and growth in America. Tweet has written about the events and people who shaped her life and taught her lessons worthy of being passed on. This is one Moore book that should be added to your library!”

MARGARET ROBLING — daughter of author, Sarah “Tweet” Moore
“Thank you so much for arranging the book signing for Mama, and thank you for all that you have done in helping ‘launch’ her book: the organizing, the editing, the publishing, the moral support and the friendship throughout the whole process! This was such an important accomplishment for her — it helped her fulfill one of her life goals, leaving a legacy of stories and history for family and for others who will also benefit in knowing those things. She was very pleased and surprised at the interest in her stories and happy that so many people wanted her book!”

STANLEY LONGMAN: Age-Old Tales of the Greeks and Hebrews: Altered, Twisted & Mutilated

Author and theatrician Stanley Longman has taken popular Greek myths and Biblical stories and thrown them into a centrifuge. What if Adam and Eve met Pandora as they were exiting the Garden of Eden? What would happen if Odysseus and Jonah met inside the belly of the whale? Longman, the retired head of the University of Georgia’s Theatre Department and the author of Corah’s Magical Excursions in the Night, has used his prodigious imagination to mix these popular stories, and, in the process, created his own enlightening version.

ROBERT AYERS: Memoirs of a Southern Liberal

“Thanks to the loud, but shallow, shouts of political pundits and the unparalleled reductionism of our modern sound-bite society, many people believe that the word ‘liberal’ is merely a political term, simply a decision to check the Democratic box on the ballot, as opposed to the Republican one. Liberalism is so much more than that. It’s a point of view in one’s approach to life itself. It’s a term that identifies a way of interacting with the entire world, with all of its inhabitants, human and marsupial, vegetable and corporation, ocean floor and ozone layer. It’s a raised platform that allows liberals to see beyond our front yard and clearly glimpse the other yards on the other streets in the neighborhood we call Earth.”

CLAIRE DUNPHY: Becoming Earthwoman: Thank You Notes from a Grateful Guest

Claire L. Dunphy wants readers to recognize the interconnectedness of all things, all beings, all people, all animals, streams and rocks. The Harmonic Convergence of the 1980’s launched Claire onto a Cosmic Missionary Path, sharing the good word of the Spirit with as many people as possible. Her method — painting and arranging rock circles everywhere. The circle has always been a symbol of togetherness. Claire’s version comes with colorful animals. Her spiritual awakening led her to Sioux ceremonies in South Dakota, abandoned farms in Kansas, onto a Russian ice cutter and into the pyramids of Egypt. Crack the spine and enter a larger world.

JOHN KOLLOCK: Meandering Paths of an Artist

John Kollock lived a life of artistic liberty, of unadulterated creativity funneled into practical endeavors… a life of freedom. Drawing from an early age, John captured the essence of his north Georgia mountain home in everything he did: painting, writing, collaborating with Celestine Sibley, and founding and designing the Bavarian-inspired mountain town of Helen, Georgia. His memoir captures his journey in all its natural splendor.

KELLY CODLING: True Believer

“From his upbringing as a rural farm kid in Trewalny Jamaica to owning multiple restaurants in Athens, Georgia Kelly’s wild and curvy path to success is littered with interesting stories: his days of successfully gambling on “the ponies” in Maryland, his time driving a cab and working in a hospital morgue in Washington DC, the painting business he ran with a descendant of Edgar Allen Poe in Texas which, unsurprisingly, ended with a suicide, and the many naysayers along the way who told him he “couldn’t do it,” often because of outright racism. Through it all Kelly’s unwavering belief in the goodness of God and in his own abilities has sustained him. Enjoy his stories. Learn some Jamaican patois. And don’t forget to try out some of the recipes for his signature dishes included in the book, including Jerk Chicken, Jamaican spicy squash and, if you’re feeling adventurous, Oxtail.”

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