COMM🔻NION is a late-night music and arts event which focuses on the use of sight and sound to provoke feeling and thought. The event delivers an audio/visual experience which has been constructed to purposely facilitate the presence and growth of creativity and diversity within its social setting. Holding a residency at the Globe (Upstairs), this 2 1/2 hour event occurs once every two months beginning at midnight. The most recent event on our schedule was our one year anniversary celebration which was set for last Spring, March ’20. However, since the world fell ill, that was postponed and we’ve been on a hiatus since then, understandably. 

Sound: This element is vital. In addition to the in-house system, we’ve constructed, and connected, a separate rig so the sound is not only pristine, but after proper stereo imaging is calculated, you’ll feel the low end reverberate through your chest at any spot within the space via the live, all vinyl set. Quick note, we’ve seen people wear earplugs. There’s no shame in that. So, whether or not the sonic pleasures pushing from the speakers are the sounds of Paris’ shimmering nu-disco, NYC’s gritty post punk, Manchester’s new wave, Cologne’s angular driven minimal, LA’s lo-fi garage, or any other subgenre in between, you’ll leave feeling more than fulfilled. Additionally, every light bulb (upstairs) is removed. The only light emanating throughout the space comes from two custom made LED equilateral triangles measuring five feet in length per side.

“How do we know when the next  COMM🔻NION event is?” Well, you either know or you don’t. In all seriousness, internally, we sort of side-grin whenever we hear the event being talked about like it’s Athens best kept secret because this is the vibe we were trying to convey the entire time. 

We wanted an event which started late and ended even later (or early depending on how you look at it). An event which physically occurs on a plane one level above the heads of others. An event which your friends, because the news never made it to their ears, don’t believe you went to or even existed in the first place. An event playing music which 98% of the guests have never heard before, yet can’t and don’t stop moving to. An event which is primarily spread through word of mouth. That said, before our one year anniversary event, we launched a website which provides guests with a much more detailed overview, including a date. Still, we pride ourselves on our secret method of coalescing the most diverse group of individuals in Athens, on any given night, under one roof. Seriously, it is a beautiful sight to behold. For 2 1/2 hours, complete strangers, who would normally not have said a word to each other had they crossed paths three hours before coming into the Globe, are now sharing a common space together. People of all different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses are recognizing that they really aren’t all that different from one another, and it’s the the space, the vision, and the sound that’s keeping them there and going. 

Oh, we’ve never allowed flash photography. We understand that people like to remain private. We also understand that living through a lens prevents you from living in that moment. We want people to be there and experience the now. COMM🔻NION is also a safe space. We’ve never had an issue with this but we still feel it’s necessary to say that we absolutely will not put up with harassing and/or, discriminatory behavior. We will not ask you to leave, you will be told to leave. We’ve created an environment where an introvert can feel extroverted and not have a worry in the world. We only ask that attendees leave their stress at the door and place their trust in the night as they step out. A newfound sense of liberation will more than likely accompany them which they’ll be able to feel as they ascend the stairs and cross that threshold into the intimate space waiting for them at the top. For 2 1/2 hours you will be part of something bigger than yourself. Thus far every event has been beautiful and when it’s safe again, you’ll be able to experience, “a night under the red triangle.” 

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