My work embraces the idea of essence, while cognizant of the necessarily highly complex substructure which predicates it. Ideas orbit, collide, complement, antagonize, and point to other ideas through the highly complex substructures of duality, paradox, conceptual strata, and multi-layered references, that scaffold the guise of simplicity.

Furthermore, my work is decidedly antagonistic to autonomy and concision. It is, rather, like facets – illuminating, reflecting and redirecting. Summation and concision are absent in favor of rich paradox, dynamic duality, and multi-layered reference. In other words, the more you look, the more you see.

Materials, processes, and presence collaborate in the tangential conceptual arcs weaving throughout the work. Semiotics playfully, but critically, interacts with Ontology and Art History. Works often develop and gestate over time, and I simply seek to serve the ideas in the best ways. Consequently and ultimately, however, I seek to point to the ineffable – that which is much larger than myself. Ideas which I am humbled to collaborate with – expansive ideas.

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